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Be a Star, Be a City Star

City Stars Lacrosse was founded in September 2013. We are leaders of lacrosse education and attract the most driven lacrosse players in NYC.

City Stars Lacrosse is your local solution to a regional problem.  We offer the highest level of instruction in each region of NYC.  Our team training takes place in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.  We assemble teams from each region based on players graduation years.

Our success comes from our Director Billy Dransfield’s passion of lacrosse and years of experience working with student athletes. Our player’s success is driven by our knowledgeable and dedicated coaches.

Our players will have the opportunity to train close to home and will be given the highest level of instruction.  We practice to get better in competition.  Each region will follow the same philosophy and approach to help develop our players achieve the highest level of skills necessary to compete in tournaments and games.

Teams are a combination of boys from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island that is determined by graduation class.

Are you ready for the ultimate lacrosse experience?